Truly Organic. Truly Good. Truly Texas.


To many people, ‘organic’ is just a word. Customers rightly expect an organic product to be the premium option, free of chemicals that can impact your health on top of the flavor of your brew. ‘Organic’ is a distinction shoppers spend time searching for. It’s a high standard, and it’s becoming more and more common in the marketplace.

At Texas State of Mind, organic is a cornerstone of our philosophy, and it’s a promise. We don’t just want the organic label – there are plenty of coffee brands out there that ride that fine line – we want our product to be truly organic. In our eyes, it has to be organic from soil where it’s grown to the final product.

Since the beginning, most of our beans have been high-grown in Colombia, and most of our roasts still are today. From the very start, our beans are certified organic, grown without the use of fertilizers or pesticides in fresh fields that have been clear of such contaminants for at least three years. 


For our special Texas twist, we store the beans fresh beans in new, charred oak barrels. We ensure our beans don’t come in contact with inorganic compounds, start to finish. It’s why we roast our organically-grown beans with air instead of gas and other fuels that spoil the beans. Our method isn’t brand new, but it’s still an uncommon innovation: air roasters like the ones you’ll find at Texas State of Mind aren’t widespread. They’re still new in some corners, even though they’re the future of quality coffee.

Once our beans have been roasted, we prepare each bag by hand, either whole bean or ground, and send them out fresh to vendors throughout Texas and in neighboring states. 



You can start with an organically-cultivated coffee bean, but if you’re roasting it in gas and other fuels, you’re contaminating your coffee with chemicals and other harmful substances. We just use clean, hot air to roast our beans, and you can taste the difference.

An air roaster is built differently than similar hardware – the beans loft in the air instead of being tumbled on surface which minimizes the contact time between the coffee and a metal surface. Since it’s an open air process and there’s no gas being used, you’re not getting any of the carcinogens you get from gas or any of the bad flavors you get from a hot surface.

That’s what brings out the pure flavor of the coffee bean.

It also preserves the healthiest aspects of your coffee: with air roasting, we’re able to roast faster than those who use a drum roaster. Our efficiency means our coffee retains more of its antioxidants. It means our customers get a healthier bean and a more flavorful bean.