Our Story

Organic Texas Coffee Company Founders

This journey began back in 2016.

When we started, a quick Internet search pointed us to the wholesale side of coffee beans. We bought a sack, and we actually test-roasted our first batch in a Whirley Pop Popcorn Maker on the barbecue pit.

It wasn’t bad but, obviously, it was our first, not our best. We took the next step, investing in a small air roaster. We refined our routine, perfected our process, and opened for business in May 2017.

Each of our flavors is a story. We love developing our roasts and finding the perfect name to fit the flavor, whether it’s a region of Texas or an experience of being Texan. We want to pair our flavors with an aspect of this great state: the earthy fullness of RED DIRT, the smooth richness of BLACK GOLD, the high-caffeine bite of DIAMONDBACK. Each of those stories has a common thread, of course. Not just as The Official Coffee of Texas™, but they also all have a very clean, smooth taste different from other coffee, spared of the metallic aftertaste of outdated roasting methods. Our commitment to air roasting means our coffees are untainted by toxins and an unpleasant tang.

Our Texas State of Mind is better, bigger, bolder, and ready to order.




All three of us have always been big coffee drinkers, but we never found anything we really liked. We also noticed there was an absence of a real, Texas-oriented coffee on the market. It was an opportunity. We knew we wanted to connect on a real, emotional level with other Texans – our state, our heritage, is integral to who we are. Crafting a Lone Star brew wasn’t the only priority, though: we wanted to differentiate ourselves from other coffee companies by more than just a name.

How can we make something that’s going to be more sustainable in the long-run and give our customers a great taste in each sip? We followed the narrow trail: Zero-Emissions coffee. Our coffee wouldn’t be in contact with any of the contaminants you get with gas roasting. Air roasting was the solution. It would help us stand out from the crowd. It would be truly organic. It would be environmentally stable. It became our Texas State of Mind.


You want a cup of coffee that you can enjoy, one that’s full of flavor, with a smooth taste that can lift your taste buds and your spirit at the same time. You want a cup of coffee that’s good for you. You want a healthy kick of antioxidants and coffee that’s free of contaminants.

You want a cup of coffee that’s available in the grocery store and online, too, one you can get delivered to your door each month and that’s always fresh when you’re grabbing it off the shelf at the market. You want a cup of coffee that’s both new and original, one that has the same crisp, full flavor Texans once sipped from a campfire cup and one that’s also forging ahead on a modern frontier, crafted organically through air roasting innovation.

We want that cup of coffee, too. It’s why we created Texas State of Mind.