Copy of Our State of Mind

Texas has more natural beauty in its borders than anywhere else in these United States, and as proud Texans we want to be good stewards of the earth God has given us. We’re proud to be a Zero Emissions company, proud to offer air roasted coffee, high-grown, truly organic.

When it comes to our coffee, we always want to be Bigger, to be Better, to be Bolder – like Texas. The frontier spirit is still an essential part of the fabric of the Lone Star State, and it’s part of the foundation of this company.  Our Texas State of Mind is to always stay one step ahead of the curve, to differentiate ourselves through innovation.

Years back, we asked ourselves: What can we do to make our coffee taste better? What can we do to make it the health choice not only for coffee aficionados but for the environment as well? We answered our own question with a commitment to focusing on an Organic product, from start-to-finish, investing in air roasting for the sake of flavor and our customers’ health.

That commitment has made us a better company with a better coffee, bolder and getting bigger with every new customer who enjoys a Texas State of Mind.